Massachusetts Insurance Minimums and What They Entail

Having insurance in Massachusetts is a legal requirement in order for an individual to legally operate a vehicle within the state. While the extent of one’s coverage may vary, in Massachusetts individuals are required to carry four types of compulsory auto insurance with their own minimum requirements. The types of auto insurance are Bodily Injury to Others, Personal Injury Protection, Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto, and Damage to Someone Else’s Property.

  • Bodily Injury to Others: The minimum requirement in Massachusetts for Bodily Injury to Others is $20,000 per person/ $40,000 per accident. This type of insurance gives an individual protection against legal liability for the accidental injury or death of others caused by the operation of your car. This is only applicable to accidents that occur in Massachusetts. While this protects an individual from legal liability to individuals involved in an accident, the protections do not extend to your passengers.
You must meet minimum Insurance requirements to be eligible to drive in Mass
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): No matter the fault in an accident, PIP pays up to $8,000 for medical expenses, funeral expenses, household services, and up to 75% of any lost wages. The $8,000 dollar limit caps out at $2,000 for anyone with health insurance. Once you reach the $2,000 dollar PIP will only pay for additional costs after expenses have been submitted to a healthcare plan and the health plan determines what it will pay.


  • Bodily Injury Caused by Uninsured Auto: This protects an individual and any household member, passenger, or anyone else driving the car (unless they are covered by another insurance policy) against damages caused by an uninsured or unidentified/hit and run driver. A minimum limit of $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. The coverage can also help pay for lost wages in addition to medical expenses.


  • Property Damage: When you’re involved in an accident it is common for property to be damaged as a result. For every accident you cause which involves some type of property damage. Insurance companies pay for property damage with a minimum limit of $5,000, if an individual or other authorized driver causes an accident.


Understanding the minimum protections your insurance offers you in the state of Massachusetts is vital in protecting yourself in the aftermath of an accident. Personal Injury Attorney Michael Mehrmann is an expert in negotiating insurance claims resulting from a motor vehicle accident. If you, or a loved one who has been injured in an accident you may be entitled to options for obtaining compensation. Plymouth County personal injury lawyer  Michael S. Mehrmann has spent many years helping people from across Plymouth County, including in Kingston, Plymouth, Marshfield, Hanson, Carver, Pembroke, and Duxbury, deal with their legal needs. To find out more about how we can assist you, call (781) 585-3911 or contact us online.